Foreign education consulting
The primary expertise of AK Consultants is to provide effective and reliable assistance to students pursuing foreign education and immigration.  The organization provides highly personalized services with a genuine understanding of students’ needs.  All-inclusive and up-to-date information is provided regarding the potential countries of immigration, the available educational institutions (Colleges & universities) abroad, eligibility criteria, courses requirements, fee structures of different institutions and living expenses.  Students are also informed about the current and expected trends in foreign education.  Furthermore, regular sessions are arranged all over the country, usually with a representative of a British university or college, where students are interviewed and provided all the aforesaid information. AK Consultants is highly recommended by numerous well reputed foreign educational institutions for providing assistance in admission to colleges and universities abroad. At present, 45 foreign educational institutions of ten (10) countries are associated with the organization. Following is the country-wise detail of the foreign institutions represented by AK Consultants in Pakistan.
University List
United Kingdom
Greek Cyprus
Others Countries

Visa registration and immigration assistance

Realizing the importance of visa registration and its complicated requirements, AK Consultants offers specialized assistance to students in visa registration process.  A seasoned VPO (Visa Processing Officer) assists students in fulfillment of embassy requirements of different countries and preparation of visa file.  After successful visa registration, a pre-departure briefing session is arranged in order to familiarize students with the social and academic environment abroad.

Career counseling

AK Consultants provides dependable career counseling services to local students as well as those pursuing foreign education. For this very purpose, a team of qualified and devoted ECOs (Education Counseling Officers) has been maintained that has the ability to comprehend students’ needs and areas of interest.  These ECOs help students select the area that is aligned to their personal abilities, interests, strengths and goals.  As a result of extensive brainstorming and psychoanalysis, students are able to select the best course of action for the achievement of their desired career goals.

Training services

A team of qualified and well-experienced professionals provides trainings related to GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), GRE (Graduate Record Examination), TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing Service).