Mission Statement

Our ambition is to delineate reliable, vibrant and life-changing overseas education opportunities to students and professionals from diverse fields and lend them a hand at each and every step towards their academic and professional success.

Vision Statement

We visualize ourselves as the most trustworthy, upright and well recommended foreign education consultants of Pakistan.

History of AK Consultants
AK Consultants was established in March 2010 with a desire to render superior career counseling, overseas education consulting and immigration services to students and professionals from diverse fields.  At the time of establishment, the market circumstances of the target region were evidence of numerous problems and complexities related to foreign education consulting and immigration. The local educational institutions were incapacitated to cater the needs of augmented students requiring quality education at different levels.  Additionally, serious concerns were linked with the quality and credibility of these local institutions.  So a vast majority of students were interested to study abroad in reputable institutions. However, due to the lack of proper guidance and absence of professional know how; most of these students were unable to pursue foreign education.  Due to extensive eligibility requirements, complicated procedures and other legal and professional formalities linked to foreign education; there existed a crucial need for qualified foreign education consultants.
There existed a small number of foreign education consultants and most of them lacked the necessary skills and professional know how. They were unable to provide the appropriate information and guidance to students and thus achieved minimal success ratios. These consultants were also involved in several unethical practices that added to the worseness of the situation. Inflated consultation charges were charged without any set standard or assurance of success. Moreover, these consultants had a limited network in one or two countries and students had to make a forced choice out of limited alternatives. For this reason, there existed a huge potential for investment in this sector.

The options available to AK Consultants were either to follow the existing trends and gain financial rewards, or to facilitate students in real terms and realize a spirit of social responsibility.  So the management decided to choose the latter path and primarily serve students that were in distress need of assistance regarding foreign education and immigration. Since then, AK Consultants has been a center of excellence for overseas education consulting and has facilitated hundreds of students.  It has now become the fastest growing organization of its category in the province by establishing five (5) regional branches in less than five (5) years.

About Organization
AK Consultants is one of the leading organizations of Pakistan that offers superior foreign education consulting and immigration services.  The primary aspiration of AK Consultants is to offer convincing, reliable and cost effective consultation to students attracted by foreign education and to efficiently assist them in visa registration and immigration process. Qualified and devoted team members, state of the art infrastructural facilities and a visionary management are the most valuable assets of the organization.  AK Consultants is the official representative of several well named educational institutions in Australia, Canada, China, Greek Cyprus, Turkish Cyprus, Ireland, Malaysia, United Kingdom and New Zealand and.  Moreover, the organization also provides training services for GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, ESOL and IELTS.  AK Consultants has a network of five (5) branches in major districts of the province including Islamabad, Abbottabad, Nowshera, Mardan and Swat.

Credentials and Awards


AK Consultants is registered with the “Registrar of Firms”.  Unlike the majority of uncertified educational consultants has accreditation from a number of professional bodies:

AK Consultants is certified by the British Council.

AK consultants is Certified by ITAC.

AK Consultants is certified by PIER Australia as Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

AK Consultants has been granted trusted agent logo by International Consultants Education Forum

British Council Distinction Holder

AK Consultants was distinction holder for the year 2011, 2014 in the Agent UK Test arranged by British Council. AK Consultants has also qualified British Council Advanced Agent Course.


All services are priced in a manner to make them affordable to common people.  These services are priced almost fifty (50) percent lower than the prevailing market rates, as the primary goal is to offer social service and benefit the needy students at large.

Free of Cost Consulting Services

One of the biggest merit of AK Consultants is that foreign education consulting services are offered free of cost.  In order to encourage foreign education and immigration, no consultation fee is charged from the students that consult the organization.  AK Consultants is the only organization in the region that offers free consulting services related to foreign education.  Fee is charged only for selected training services, while most of the other consulting services are offered free of cost.

The Fastest Growing Organization

AK Consultants is the fastest growing organization of the country related to foreign education consulting and immigration.  This is proved by the expansion of operations to five (5) major districts of the province in less than two (2) years.

Organization Structure
An overview of the organizational structure is presented ahead followed by the organization chart.